DaSilva nems, fatayas… and more!

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When I asked on the Dakar Eats Facebook page who made the best nems and fatayas in town, people often responded with things like ‘my mom does!’ or ‘my cook makes the best!’ and while I’m very happy that people have found sources close to home, I was looking for a traiteur or maman who made great food that I could order for ME. 🙂

I have three major qualifications when it comes to ordering nems and fatayas for my family.

1. Fresh ingredients and proper hygiene.
2. Authentic taste.
3. Easy ordering and reliable service.

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Madame Azzali came to my rescue when she recommended the DaSilva sisters. In her words, “It is a universally known fact that the best fatayas in town are made by the DaSilva sisters in Sicap Baobab.” A quick message exchange later and I had their phone number. (Which by the way, is: 775099360)

I called, I ordered, I picked up. I am impressed.

I mean not only does my kitchen smell amazing right now as it is overflowing with freshly made goodness, it was so simple to do. Over the phone Mme DaSilva explained the options and (very reasonable) pricing clearly, we set a pick up time and she gave directions.

I have now tasted her nems (slender egg rolls filled with vermicelli, beef and spices), fatayas (fried pastry wrapped around spiced meat), pastels (like fatayas but with a fish filling), pains chinois (the filling from nems but in the fried fataya pastry), rissoles (a Brazilian specialty), acaras (savory beignets made from bean flour) and fluffy, fat, fried shrimp beignets. Their work is beautiful and the tastes are wonderful. Plenty of fillings and they are good quality ingredients with fresh herbs and the accompanying sauces. Their prices cannot be beat. Most items are 50-100 CFA per piece.

DaSilva Sisters
Tel: 775099360 (French or Wolof)
Located in Sicap Baobab.


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