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This guest post is special to me for three reasons: 1) I love good food made easy in Dakar, 2) I seriously love Ivorian food, 3) the post was contributed by my friend Caroline Bellemare, a Montreal native who is an author and speaker now living in Dakar.

If you’re anything like me, you constantly try to find ways to make your life around Dakar easier. Good contacts and good relationships are tools that really make it happen for me. Speaking of good contacts, I have just discovered one. And it’s so good, I can’t keep it to myself.

Actually, I’ll let you be the judge. Here is the story of how I came into contact with WeeliFood, a catering service located in Hann Maristes, and that delivers anywhere in the city at a fixed rate.

About Last week

1:00 pm

I am frantic. I must find a catering service for our dinner party tonight. The ones I have contacted yesterday rejected my request because I did not contact them 48 hours in advance. I’m discouraged. What are the chances I will find a catering service now? Let’s keep googling. Wait what’s WeeliFood? Let me contact them through Facebook messenger.

2:00—3:00 pm

They answer. We discuss a bit of my needs, they ask for my email, and send me a menu with what they can do for the same day. I place my order. They inform me of their delivery option, 1000 francs for anywhere in the city.

7:45 pm

Food is delivered by the owner herself since her team is already gone to celebrate Tabaski.

8:00 pm

Guests enjoy the scrumptious appetizers.

My Review

Quality: What I have often seen in Dakar as catered appetizers are bite-sized pastries stuffed with funny-looking meat. Lo and behold, WeeliFood uses fresh and delicious ingredients. Try the alloco skewers and you get perfectly fried pieces of plantain mounted on a stick with meat balls presented in a delicious Ivorian tomato sauce. Try the Cantonese rice and you’ll have a medley of vegetables and a ton of shrimp in rice. Not too salty, not too oily, just right.

Quantity: Some/most of those appetizers are large enough to fill you up in no time. We had left over Bolognese pasta and were able to make a meal out of three small containers. I wish I could indulge you with mouth-watering pictures, but the food was gone so fast, and the left overs would not have done it justice.

Price: Considering the quality and quantity, the price is more than good. You can tell the owner is passionate about what she does and is not simply looking to make a dollar (or franc CFA).

Service: Yna, the owner, is an Ivorian chef that has been in Senegal for a number of years. She is kind, courteous, and very professional. She is dedicated to offering good products in a good timely fashion and that is why I will order with her again and again. And again.

What to Do Next

Grab your phone, or your keyboard, and order with WeeliFood. Not looking for a catering service? Ahhh, I thought you might say that. They also offer a weekly lunch service, the “agnebox.” Each day, they offer a choice of one Senegalese dish and one international dish for a very decent price. Isn’t that convenient?

Find them here and see their flyer below:


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