Beersheba & SensaAgri at American Food Store

We’re all bummed that we have to wait until November for the next Dakar Farmers Market, which is where I always stocked up on Beersheba’s Italian sausages, breakfast sausages, ground beef and other high-quality meats.

But over the summer, the American Food Store in Almadies started carrying a wide variety of both Beersheba and SensaAgri beef, sausages, chicken and lamb in their new… freezer section! (Side note: they also have Hebrew National all-beef franks now too.)

I am so excited about the other items en route for that section, but that’s another day and another post.

So yay! We in Dakar can now get our Beersheba and SensaAgri fix easily, and the farmers market will launch at a less sweaty time of year. Win-win.


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