Dangers in Dakar

I’ve just come back from a summer in the US and am surprised by how many dangers-at-your-fingertips in Dakar that I had forgotten about. I mean, of course, delicious dangers to the waistline.

Let’s see, there’s the gooey salted caramel & chocolate lava cake at La Maison de Celine. Or their Café Gourmand with a selection of mini desserts to accompany your espresso.

The cheesecakes and banoffee pie at Simone Café in Mermoz.

The affogato (espresso over gelato) at Estendera Vivier Beach, which is just right after a big Italian dinner.

The dark chocolate tart by Sweets&Co. (Moving locations but reopening soon – which makes me crave the danger even more! What can I say? I like living on the edge.)

The Americano from Melo Patisserie.

That insane chocolate layered cake from La Graine d’Or.

Le Cozy’s pain perdu that is simply perfect.

Eric Keyser’s little lemon tarts.

Don’t forget the bargain-priced, creamy gelato at La Blanche Neige in Ouakam.

Beignets fried fresh at the market.

The almond cornes de gazelle from Saveurs Palace. (I get mine at the Dakar Farmer’s Market, but they also take orders.)

The fondant au chocolat from Le Mokai.

The caramel-swirled pears with homemade vanilla ice cream at Le Lodge.

The glazed lemon cake from Pause Douceur.

Veronique’s crispy peanut brittle.

Trust me. The list goes on. What’s on yours?


One comment

  1. I went to Le Cozy to try the pain perdu. It has changed to Margarita since 1st January 2017. But they still have the pain perdu/French toast.
    A but sweet for me with the dulce de leche

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