Follow-up to Ramadan baskets…

Three quick things to follow up the previous post on Ramadan baskets.

1. A very kind Dakar Eats reader contacted me to offer her suggestions for gift baskets featuring local products. I really appreciated Aurelie’s message and wanted to share it:

“Perfectly agree on the principle of offering baskets of Ramadan! Why not continue to make the baskets ourselves while trying to use a maximum of local products? Personally I buy a basket made by artisans in Mermoz, add coffee from Torrefaction COR Coumba (or café Touba, according to the brotherhood), Senegalese brand sugar cubes, Dolima milk (their slogan is even ‘Good for Me, Good for my Country’), local jam, millet bread, local juice (there are so many!), local honey, local cheeses… Not everything is not available through local production, but almost everything! And often it does not wind up much more expensive. Just an idea!”

2. One of (y)our favorite vendors, Marie’s Kitchen, is offering an Ndogou Special for breaking the fast: 2 dozen whole wheat English muffins, 750g batch of granola with freshly grated coconut and 1 liter of pure Casamance honey for 10,000 CFA. Delivery is available for 1500 CFA, or you can order in advance by calling 775367887.

3. Marché de la Renaissance Africaine will take place at the Monument from 8am to 5pm this Saturday, May 27th. Among other vendors, you will find:

Cor Coumba coffees
ASD organic produce
Femezon juices. made with all natural ingredients
Awa Casamance (fruit jams and more!)
Veronique’s peanut butter
Marietou’s Oven
Many other Senegalese specialties!

Let us know how your baskets turn out!


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