Ramadan baskets, and why you should buy them. 

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 9.04.51 AMFor the past few years, when the  Ramadan month of fasting begins, I have gone to my favorite basket vendor and then hit the supermarkets to buy items to fill the baskets to give to friends and workers who are fasting. The baskets are usually filled with food items to be eaten for Ndogou, breaking the fast at sunset.

I set out to do the same this year, but my very observant husband pointed something out to me at the grocery store: the pre-made baskets all wrapped up and tied with a bow were actually a pretty good deal! Much less work for me, and also no more worrying if I bought the ‘right’ food items!

Both Auchan and CityDia stores around Dakar have a nice selection of Ramadan gift baskets, starting at around 10,000 CFA.

Also, filed under ‘good to know’: CityDia has gift cards!



  1. Hm…this inspires me to maybe next year organize a bunch of the food artisans around town to put together local, healthy Ramadan baskets. Think there would be buyers? 🙂

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