Review: Health in a Box

Good news, busy people wanting to eat healthy – and maybe lose some weight while you’re at it… Isa Sarr has launched Health in A Box, a subscription-based plan for delivered meals that meet your personal health goals. More good news for busy parents: there are options for kiddos as well!


Last week I tried out Health in a Box meals for a day, each one packaged and labeled with ingredients and helpful calorie counts.

After coming home from running, I started with a mango-carrot-orange smoothie was still icy and delicious. Then I had the stack of gluten-free banana pancakes (perfectly sweet naturally so I didn’t even need the syrup) and fresh fruit.

I’ll be honest, I’m a bit nervous eating produce from new places, but Isa was very happy to answer all my questions and explain to me her thorough cleaning cleaning process for all fruits and vegetables that are served in her meals, many of which are grown on her family’s farm where they also raise chicken, lamb and cows, allowing her ensure to that the meat comes from healthy, well-raised animals. Some of her produce also comes from the neighboring Thieppe Farm.


But back to my plate! At lunch I had the roasted sole filet (which was quite a generous portion) with a caramelized onion sauce, green beans and grated carrots. Also convinced my son to share a a bite of his Health in a Box pizza quesadilla meal, you know, for the sake of writing a thorough review. 😉


The dinner salad was loaded with tuna and shrimp (Again, I’m picky and careful about seafood and this tasted very fresh and was well cleaned.) and came with a Ranch-type dressing that was a nice change from the constant mustard vinaigrettes. And the grape tomatoes were candy sweet.

Isa has studied nutrition and is passionate about cooking, so the idea for Health in a Box came naturally. You can find out more about her weekly meal subscription plans and menu choices on the Health in a Box Facebook page. But if you have ANY questions at all, just shoot her message. Isa is incredibly responsive and really listens to what her clients want – and speaks English!

Health in a Box
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Tel: 76 333 80 18


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