Wagokoro, THE new Japanese restaurant

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Buzz, buzz, buzz! Yes, everyone is talking about Wagokoro, the new Japanese restaurant that has (finally) opened in Ouakam. And when I say ‘in Ouakam’ I mean ci biir Ouakam. More on that later…

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Wagokoro first started making waves in Dakar with their bento box lunches and then a stand at the Dakar Farmers Market. The echoes I heard were all the same: great food, can’t wait for the actual restaurant to open because it will be so much more convenient.

Well, they’re open! And is very, very worth checking out.

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We went with friends who had lived in Japan for seven years (because I am clueless, but adventurous) and we asked our server at Wagokoro to bring us a variety of dishes from the menu that would hit all the high points. They nailed it. One after another, at just the right speed and with perfect presentation, we had:

– sake
– hijikino-mitsuke (warm black seaweed salad)
– salade du Wagokoro with sesame dressing
– tamagoyaki Japanese omelette
– terriyaki chicken
– sushi with mackerel, dorade and bonnite
– assorted sashimi
– matcha cake with cream
– kinkeliba tea

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Literally everything was perfect and delicious. The temperature, the flavors (not salty!), the garnishes… all of it. It’s been a week and I could still tell you about the cabbage slices on the salad, if that tells you anything about we enjoyed it. Plus the service was excellent and the restaurant itself is very well done.

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 A word about the location. Before you go, check out the photos on their Facebook page. Got it? Okay, take route de Ouakam and turning Ouakam neighborhood at ‘tally americain’ (the road YumYum and SFC/Piccolo are on). Stay… on… this… road. Wagokoro will be on your right. Just keep looking for that dark gray building with balconies.

Tel: 77 512 1657 or 77 796 9058
Find them on Facebook.



  1. Yes, keep going, past YumYum, past the outdoor market on the right, keep going, past the Shell station on the right, keep going….a prairie with a lovely grey building on the right, out of nowhere…superb meal.

  2. Was in Dakar in June for 10 days visiting my son and gave Wagokoro a try. We were very impressed. Loved the hijikino-mitsuke and the tamagoyaki omelette. Excellent service. Not that difficult to find, either. Well worth it.

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