Hot pockets from Willy’s

Allow me to make a weeknight dinner easy for you. It’s a little taste of America with minimal effort.

First, make up a batch of this coleslaw. Then call up Willy’s and order some of their (wait for it) hot pockets. They just came out on their new menu and yum.

The meat and onion ones (viande) taste like spicy sloppy joes wrapped in tender, chewy crust. I ate a whole one before I even knew where it had gone. 🙂

It’s like a little envelope of America delivered to your door. And served with your coleslaw on the side, it’s just perfect. If you really want to go big, add some corn on the cob and/or chilled watermelon for the perfect quick summery meal.

The hot pockets are also available with Merguez sausage, chicken (tested and approved!) and you can add cheese or extra sauce to any of them

Tel: 33 832 10 30 or 77 883 33 78 (You can order via WhatsApp too!)
Find them on Facebook.


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