Review: SUUF Coffee (CLOSED)

Please note that this location has closed. Check their Facebook page for updates. 

Guest post by Becky Hughes.

While it seems like a trek to go all the way to Yoff for artisanal coffee – it was totally worth the twenty-minute cab ride for this Seattle girl. I heard about this coffee shop via some friends and I was dying to go check it out.

The place is called SUUF Coffee and they opened in September 2016. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Yoff, SUUF Coffee is a concept store meets European coffee house meets art gallery.

SUUF Coffee is a great spot to read a book, fulfill your caffeine addiction, and catch up with some friends. The café is relatively quiet and is a good spot to work as well. Owned by the same owner as Ndar Ndar in Saint Louis, SUUF offers the same vibe of design and dedication to Afro-beats. The low tables are made from the stainless-steel platters you can find in the market and the café is open, industrial, and airy. There’s even a little boutique by the coffee bar.

SUUF Coffee seeks to define itself as a spot for culture and debate as well. Every Saturday, they host an acoustic night, beginning at around 21h. Doudou Diallo, the friendly manager, told me that they would like to eventually hold a weekly debate as well, with plans of inviting a writer from the neighborhood to host a discussion.

Now about the coffee – SUUF Coffee roasts their own beans in Saint Louis. Their coffee comes from organic farmers and co-operatives in Ethiopia. For purchase, you have the option of ground coffee or the whole beans. They offer three different blends of Ethiopian coffee – Harar, the kind that I ended up buying, is known for being the softest of all the blends.

As I was chatting with Doudou, he said, “We are known for our flavor. We invite you all to come – come and enjoy a cup of Ethiopian coffee.” On their Facebook page, SUUF Coffee features a photo of coffee with latte art – while this is normal in most coffee shops in Seattle, it is sadly not the case in Dakar. However, this lived up to expectation, and Doudou made me a latte with a spider-design in the foam. I enjoyed my latte along with some Moroccan cookies that Doudou offered. There were even some chocolate muffins from MELO Patisserie as well.

Café SUUF opens every day at 2 pm and closes at 10 pm. Located in Nord Foire, it is actually pretty easy to find. The map on Facebook makes it easy to find as well – you can easily type it into Google maps. I told my taxi driver to drop me off at the Terminus Bus 33 but I ended up hopping off at the City Dia, walking uphill slightly, and then turning right at the next street. SUUF Café is on the left. If you’re not ready to make the trek to Yoff – you can also find them at the Dakar Farmers Market every first Saturday of the month.

SUUF Coffee
Find them on Facebook.
Tel: 76 349 42 73


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