Le Marché du Fermier chickens

I love getting emails like the one I received from entrepreneur Birassi Sow. He saw a gap in the market and decided to fill it by creating Le Marché du Fermier. (Plus he speaks French and English fluently, so that’s always a bonus!)

Le Marché du Fermier chickens are raised to 30-40 days then butchered on delivered to your home on the same day. So literally from farm to your table within a two or three hours, and no intermediaries between the product and the consumer. I like that. You get to know the product as well as the person behind it – and that also means more accountability for quality.

Orders can be placed during the week and butchering/delivery take place on Saturday or Sunday at Birassi’s family farm. The insides are cleaned and feet attached but upon customer request, he will remove the feet.

The price is 3000 FCFA per chicken and delivery is available in all Dakar neighborhoods at a rate of 150cfa per bird, but it’s free for orders of five chickens or more!

Le Marché Fermier will also be bringing new breeds of chickens to the market such as Bleu de Hollande and Brahma which will be fed organic feed, and there is the possibility to bring in ostriches in a few months. Stay tuned!

Le Marché du Fermier
Find them on Facebook.
Tel: 76 548 0262 (French or English)


One comment

  1. Have you tried them please ?
    What do you think of them compared to others we already know of ?
    Thank you for sharing all your wonderful discoveries. … Truely

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