How to use moringa powder 

There are a mijillion articles out there on why you should get on the moringa superfood bandwagon. (Just go for a Google spin.)  Here are two more reasons:

1. It grows locally in Senegal! You may hear it called ‘nebeday’.

2. It’s available at bargain prices from reputable sources! (I get mine from the BeerSheba Project, but there are several vendors each month at the Dakar Farmers Market.)

Personally I prefer the dried powdered leaves over eating it fresh or in other forms. But not all moringa powders are equal. Look for packaging that blocks out sunlight (foil, kraft paper) to protect nutrients. The powder should be BRIGHT green, never dull or olive which is a sign that it’s old.

If you’re new to the moringa party, start with just 1 teaspoon a day. Over 2-3 weeks you can work up to 1 Tablespoon a day, and for this is plenty for an adult. Moringa is safe for little ones too, but be sure not to give them too much too soon. It’s like eating loads of leafy greens all at once. Give your body time to adjust.

So how can you eat it?

1. Stir it into yogurt just before eating it. I highly recommend Club Dolima for your yogurt.

2. Whisk in scrambled eggs or an omelette just before cooking.

3. Mix with peanut butter (or Nutella!) before spreading on crêpes, bread, etc…

4. Add with the sauce when making macaroni and cheese. This works for for stovetop or baked recipes.

5. Put the powder in a shaker and test on whatever you’re eating. Spaghetti, burgers, pizza… Go easy, just a sprinkle at first. See what works for you!


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