10 things to know: Le Colorado


1. Pasta perfection.
I’m not Italian and I don’t pretend to be a pasta expert, but I do know what I like and I loved all three pastas I’ve had at le Colorado, particularly the slightly spicy seafood linguine. Yum.

2. I like it hot.
Speaking of spicy, their Diavolo pizza is my (current) favorite with its hot sausage, garlic and piment pepper. It’s got just enough kick but the flavors blend well together.


3. BTW, it’s Italian.
The name ‘Colorado’ may confuse Americans at first, but be assured this is a 100% Italian restaurant.

4. There are other fish in their sea.
Le Colorado is more than pasta & pizza. (Although, let’s be honest… That’s enough most days.) They also do excellent seafood, like their amazing thiof.

5. Kindness and humility.
One thing I notice is the attitude of a restaurant’s owner. Alessandro and his lovely wife give a warm welcome and speak passionately about their food, but one thing that struck me was how kindly he spoke of other restaurants (even those that could be seen as competitors). Their confidence comes through in humility, not it putting others down. Well done.

6. Facebook geniuses.
Remember that post I did on 5 things restaurants in Dakar need to know? Le Colorado could give lessons on how to do your Facebook page well. Clear, informative and updated weekly. Two emoji thumbs up.

7. Smartbook gets you 30% off!
Use your Smartbook Senegal to get 30% off your meal at Le Colorado on your first visit, then 10% off all other visits.

8. Karelle eats there.
We walked in and I saw one of my favorite food bloggers having lunch. Great sign.


9. They deliver via Jumia Food.
I’ve been burned by delivery services in Dakar. A lot. I haven’t tested Jumia enough (yet!) to give an educated opinion, but I can say that the two times… uh, in the last week… that I’ve ordered pizzas from Le Colorado via the Jumia app on my phone, it went smoothly and deliciously.

10. Tiramisu.
Light, rich and creamy. Heavenly. And don’t forget the espresso to go with it.

Le Colorado
Find them on Facebook.
Located in Point E near the little Hypermarché and the Pharmacie du Point E.
Tel: 33 824 4280



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