5 things Dakar restaurants need to know

1. Your restaurant needs a Facebook page. That’s great if you have a website and even better if you’re on other social media platforms, but the number one way customers are trying to find out about you is via Facebook. Plus it’s free and easy to use.

2. I said page. Not a Facebook profile, but a page. With a profile, we have to friend you in order to see your restaurant’s information and updates. (And that also means that you can now see all my personal info and photos – No. I refuse to friend businesses because I don’t know who has access to your profile.) Pages are for businesses. Profiles are for people.

3. At a minimum, your restaurant’s Facebook page should have a phone number (that someone actually answers!), hours of operation and your menu.

4. You really should use your page. Add photos, your daily specials, your upcoming events… It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does need to be frequent or potential customers wonder if you’re still open.

5. Get on Instagram. Or at least create an account for your restaurant so that customers can tag it in photos and generate publicity without you lifting a finger! IYou can ask for permission to repost customer’s IG photos of your restaurant and boom… quick and easy marketing just barely lifting a finger.

But seriously. Lose the Facebook profile and get a page. 




  1. Marketing 101 in the digital age! Thanks Kari I hope the restaurateurs and other local businesses heed your sound advice!

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