CLOSED: Get Freekeh in Dakar!


Update: closed in 2017

In our house, I am usually the one with the scoop on Dakar’s food scene, but my husband actually heard about Freekeh before I did. It’s is a lunch delivery membership where you pay once a month for the amount of meals you think will fit your lifestyle. So when I saw their photos pop up on my Instagram and Facebook feeds, I was already on board with the concept: Handmade. Simple. Delicious.


I know, anyone can say that, right? But Stephanie actually means it. Take a look at her weekly menu. Good quality food, simple meals, and yes, delicious. How do I know? Because I tried it out! The meals were delivered at exactly the same time each day, which was great. Always fresh and warm. Never bland or boring.

Tip: If steak is on the menu – get it! Wow. Also, her green beans are better than mine. I don’t think I’ve ever said those words before.


How it works

You can order online, by email or SMS (in English). Menus are posted and emailed every Sunday. Each weekday, you have a choice between two meals. And if you’re traveling, just let her know and she’ll put your membership on hold for up to 8 weeks.


  • Gold – 20 meals per month at 5,000 each
  • Silver – 12 meals per month at 5,500 each
  • Bronze 4 meals per month at 6,000 each

Delivery charges are extra, but very reasonable. 


PS. Freekeh is a super grain. No worries, I had to Google it too.



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