LBN introduces American sausage patties!

I may have dropped a hint. I may have given a suggestion. I may have even sent a recipe to try. But the truth is that I would have gone so far as to beg…

Fortunately I didn’t have to. La Boucherie Nouvelle in Point E was happy to make American-style sausage patties. And they’ll do it for you too!

Just call in your order at least two hours in advance and they’ll make a batch of fresh patties with the spices and seasonings we know in the US.

Priced at just over 7000cfa/kilo, I was able to buy enough for a four-person breakfast at under 1500cfa. Cooked up easily, held together well, smelled amazing… Yum!

PS. Call them for your Christmas turkey!

La Boucherie Nouvelle
Tel: 33 825 40 45 (You can order in English by SMS or via email!)
Allées Seydou Nourou Tall x Rue de Koalack


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