B’ food gets an A+!

I was recently lamenting the fact that years ago there were several great panini spots in Dakar (who remembers KA in Ngor, with their simple mozzarella, tomato and basil amazingness?), but that now the only place I knew had good ones for sure was the terrace rooftop restaurant of Clinique de la Madeleine.

On Sunday my husband had a panini at La Piazzola that he recommended to me, which is quite a compliment to their chef if my husband endorses it. So theirs is now on my list to try.


But in the meantime, a few nights ago I had a tuna and black olive panini from B’ food in Point E that arrived perfectly crispy on the outside and hot on the inside. Delicious. I also had a watermelon smoothie that tasted super fresh and had just a tiny hint of lemon and mint that really brought out the flavor. Unfortunately I made the mistake of letting my kids try it so it disappeared faster than I would have liked. 😉 My husband had a smoked salmon club sandwich that was a nice change from the usual.


So I am happy to report that B’ Food remains a dependable source for freshness and flavor on  Dakar’s food scene!

In Point E at intersection of rue A and rue 7.
Tel: 33 825 75 51
Monday-Saturday, 11am to 4pm / 8pm to 11pm

Find them on Facebook.


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  1. Another place that does Panini’s is Caesers. There is one on Route de Ouakam and one downtown and maybe someplace else too. I get the salmon pesto panini and it is so so good.

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