NEW: L’Amuse Bouche

Do you read the Art of Manliness website? It’s one of my favorites. Keep reading to the end to find out what I learned recently and how it relates to a new resto in Mermoz!

From the same family as La Piazzola and San Miguel tapas in Mermoz comes L’Amuse Bouche, a full service restaurant offering dine-in, take-out and delivery for pizzas, salads, seafood and more.


What really interested me was their large selection of ‘amuse bouche’ plates in the 3000-4000cfa range that include carpaccio, mini-brochettes, cheese selection, bruchettas, etc… Perfect for a casual evening out with friends, entertaining at home or while watching Gilmore Girls 🙂

Vegetarians, this is definitely a restaurant you’re going to want to follow on Facebook. In addition to their standard vegetarian menu, they will occasionally offer a special vegetarian buffet, as they are this weekend.


We ordered three pizzas (they have pork!) this week and were very pleased with the ease for ordering and quick delivery. But here’s where they really started to shine for me. A while back my husband sent me a link from the Art of Manliness site on the BEST way to reheat pizza. The writer said he thought the pizzas were even better reheated using this method than they were fresh. L’Amuse Bouche pizzas are the perfect pies for this method. Oh. Wow. I was so glad that I ordered too much! The leftovers were even better. That five cheese pizza reheated on day 2 with a few pear slices… heaven.

We’ll be trying out some of the Amuse Bouche plates soon and will keep you posted!

L’Amuse Bouche
Mermoz Pyrotechnique
Tel: 77 850 9743


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