O Sushi Bar


Dakar’s sushi scene has exploded in recent years, and truthfully I’ve been continuously impressed by the quality. From Dakysushi, Esprit Sushi and Le Mokai in Plateau to Marina Bay‘s full sushi menu at their resto or poolside options in Ngor, to Sharky’s on the petite Corniche des Almadies (did you know they just launched an ordering app? Nice!)… It’s great to have high quality options beyond places that rhyme with Muji and Fittle Luddha.

So when we were invited to come check out O Sushi Bar in Almadies, I did wonder if there would be anything to really set it apart from the others.

Once we all take a deep breath and get over the fact that parking in that ‘nightclub strip of Almadies’ is non-existent, the location of O Sushi Bar is actually very convenient and easy to find. (For those really old-timers in Dakar, I’m pretty sure it’s the same spot where Newscafé used to be back in the early 2000s.)

Here’s what impressed me first. The receptionist and staff didn’t realize at first that were were coming from Dakar Eats, but even so they answered ALL of my many questions knowledgeably and thoroughly. It was obvious that they knew what they were talking about and felt at ease, which made it fun for us as we dove into Sushi 101. I also appreciated that the owner, manager and chef treated employees with respect and courtesy.

But let’s talk about the food, shall we? We tried what seemed like half the menu. And we would order every single thing again. Here are a few things to note…

  1. The salads were excellent. Fresh, tasty and each one different. Try the marinated algae (wakame) and the kani salade.
  2. The salted edamame is a generous serving and delicious. I would totally keep a couple orders in my fridge just to have on hand for snacking.
  3. The tempura shrimp was light and crispy. Probably best eaten on-site in the restaurant rather than for take-out or delivery, but the one I nibbled on the next day was still pretty darn good.
  4. The sushi and rolls were all good. I’m a sucker for the crunchy rolls, but my husband is more into the straightforward salmon or tuna sushi. This was one meal though where we both enjoyed all of the options.
  5. The chicken yakitori would be delicious alternative for non-fish-lovers. Or, you know, fish lovers who also like a good marinated chicken skewer.
  6. Their full menu is available on their Facebook page. (Why more restaurants in Dakar don’t do this is beyond me…)
  7. Most shifts at least one person speaks English, so if you call and want to order in English, just ask.
  8. Their lunch menus are a BARGAIN.
  9. Delivery available!

O Sushi Bar
On the ‘nightclub strip’ of route des Almadies, next door to Barramundi
Tel: 33 820 54 44 / 78 467 27 17

Find them on Facebook.


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