Review: Estendera Vivier Beach

This little oceanside Italian restaurant opened over the summer on the petite Corniche des Almadies (aka, Beach Road). It shares a parking lot with the famous Cabane des Surfeurs and is easy to find. Bonus points already, ammirite?

Our first time there was with a large group on a Saturday night, and to be honest it didn’t go well. But we kept hearing about the great food, great view (which we had arrived too late to see)… So of course we tried again.

This time, just two of us, and arriving in time to watch the sunset. Bingo. The service was good, the view was incredible and the lasagne was the best I’ve ever had, period. Seriously, it was one of the best Dakar dining experiences I can think of. However, considering our first experience, I wasn’t quite ready to review it on Dakar Eats and give two thumbs up. So I went back. Again. And again. One more time. Okay, just in case… once more.

We are sold. It’s a family friendly spot that serves all day long, starting at 10am. Some of the high points: the aforementioned lasagne, the eggplant parmesan, the carbonara with smoked lardons, the affogato (espresso + scoop of vanilla gelato), clean beach area with a shower. The menu is not large, but well done and the prices are quite reasonable.


Estendera Vivier Beach
Next door to Cabane des Surfers on the petite Corniche des Almadies
Tel: 78 459 81 81
Open 10am-11pm with service all day. Closed Monday lunch, opening at 3pm.
Check their Facebook page for special events on weekends.


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