Review: La Pierre de Lisse


What do you say we call this one a ‘Dakar Eats vacation edition’? As you can tell from the photo, this little spot I want to review is not actually in the city of Dakar. Nope, it’s about 55km out (which converted to 1h15 drive time – thank you big, slow truck). Depending on who you ask, La Pierre de Lisse is located in Toubab Dialaw, Popenguine or at the turn-off for Yene. I think I have finally figures out that officially it is in the tiny little village of Ndayane. But what really matters is that there are LOTS of signs starting from the road to Saly and the turn-off to Yene, so you won’t get lost.


La Pierre de Lisse hotel & restaurant has been around for many years, but is one of those places that can still be considered a hidden treasure. I first heard about it six years ago, then it popped up on my radar again thanks to the CLO’s very helpful review.


We went for a day-trip, and it made for a perfect, quick get-away spot. Sundays are busiest, but not too crowded. Saturdays are more quiet, especially if you arrive before noon. For adults, a three-course meal with two choices for appetizer, four choices for entrée and two choices for dessert + pool/beach is 14,500cfa. For children up to age ten, an entrée and dessert + pool/beach is 8000cfa.


The menu options were fairly standard (lotte brochettes, grilled chicken, steak or gambas with the usual accompaniment options) and lunch service begins at 1pm. You can place your order when you arrive and they will call you to the restaurant when it’s ready. The service reminded me of Le Récife in Almadies: these guys have been doing it forever so there probably won’t be any glitches and all will go smoothly, but also not much room for flexibility. Not a problem, just an observation.


Just for info, day-rooms with AC are 30,000cfa, so a good option if you need a place for kids to nap or to get out of the sun. However we were there at the hottest time of the year and there was plenty of shade and the pool water was cool enough that we were very comfortable just hanging out by the water. Yay!


The ‘pool’ is actually four smaller pools linked together. It’s wonderful for kids, but also nice for adults since there is seating in the upper pools and a variety of depths to suit everyone, also a nice lap-swimming pool. The beach is one of the largest and cleanest I’ve seen in Senegal, again great for kids to play and run around safely.


So, day-trip anyone? We might just see you there…



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