L’Orientale Boulangerie

Call me cynical but I placed my dinner order at 3pm in case it flopped so that I would have time to figure something else out. But L’Orientale nailed it! And yes, we totally caved to the scent of roasted chicken and had dinner crazy early.

I’ve ordered from L’Orientale before (and it was very good, but we only had Lebanese mezze from their menu), but it’s been a long time so when my friend mentioned it was their go-to for delivery, I thought we should try it again. I was feeling inspired to, uh, NOT be in my kitchen today. 🙂

If you’ve lived in Dakar for a while, you’ll understand why these factors, in addition to great food, have me sold on L’Orientale:
– Someone actually answered the phone on Sunday afternoon.
– They still had my address stored in their system.
– The driver called to confirm the address and ask a question about the best route, but called just that ONE time and made it all the way to our door quickly and without calling again (and again…and beeping me ‘Orangewoma’ style because he was out of credit…).
– The meal arrived hot and freshly put together (I know a soggy chawarma when I eat one) but bagged separately from the cold salads.

I will definitely keep this delicious bird in mind for our small Thanksgiving meal!

We ordered a brick-oven roasted whole chicken which came with a small tray of pickles, cabbage salad and fresh tomatoes, a large tub of garlic sauce, pita bread and some really yummy fries, fattouche salad with fried pita breads, taboulé salad and a chawarma. (The chawarma was for my husband, who is attempting to locate the absolute best one in Dakar. This one was definitely a contender! Send me your recommendations, please.)

If you’re like us and are always looking for a delivery meal option that isn’t just meat + rice/fries/starch, you should know that the chicken and two salads would be more than enough for four people and all three were excellent. Very flavorful, loaded with fresh vegetables but not buried in heavy dressings or salt.

Sidetone: I would have ordered the hummus and moutabal (baba ghanouj) as well, since I remembered how good they were from last time, but I now keep a stock of both from Shady Shack in my fridge. #liveandlearn #livewell #passthepita

L’Orientale Boulangerie
Tel: 33 823 79 29
Find them on Facebook.


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  1. L’Orientale when I call this place to order food sometimes they don’t have a english speaker to take the order over the phone. I need to call back till a english speaker is there to place the order 4 or 5 times for delivery, I’m happy with the orders mostly (chicken) and sides however no matter what I order it’s always 10,000.00 CFA and the delivery person is always a grumpy guy but that’s the price you pay, Customer Service poor, food not bad to pretty good.

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