Dakar Farmer’s Market on October 1st!

Mark your calendars then head to Le Ngor  restaurant in Almadies on October 1st, 9am to 4pm. Bring your shopping list, an adventuresome spirit to try new things and reusable shopping bags. (Or you can buy very nice ones there!) 

Wondering which vendors will help kick off the new season? They have a great line up so far. Here’s the list – and it’s growing! See their Facebook page or website for updates.

Afro & Nature
Espace Maam Samba Dakar
Le Sucre-rit
Delize di Maite
Little Sun Sénégal
The Beer-Sheba Project
Faso Nature Farmer’s market
BUUR Patriote
Savonnerie Francisco
Le Club Dolima
Marie’s Kitchen & Veronique’s Peanut Butter
Les douceurs des Taties
Sunu Tool
MELO Patisserie
Deline’s Gift
Liqueur de Warang
Diankh & COCO
Taaru Askan Farm
Zena Exotic Fruits SA
ImagiNation Afrika
Made In Sénégal
Marché ASD Dakar ENDA
La Boucherie Nouvelle
SENAR Les Délices Lysa
Adaa Ada
Torrefaction COR Coumba
Passion et Gourmandise Madagascar
Abracadabra Magic Food
Natural Addict World
ASIMA Nature
Les essentiels de Helene
Les Délices de la Mer
ADORE You : Des cheveux longs et naturels
L’Equilibre Traiteur Ngor Dakar
Chez AlphaBooks
Khandja Kalabash Catering
Vin du Sahel Winery

The Dakar Farmers Market is a fresh, lively ocean-side event that pops up on the 1st Saturday of every month (Oct 2016-May 2017). They promote buying local and community wellness by bringing together over 70 vendors offering a wide range of high quality food products and natural cosmetics. This event has become a go-to meet-up spot for families, friends and colleagues from all over Dakar.


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