Dakar – St Louis pit stop

The options for a meal on the road up to Saint-Louis from Dakar are a bit limited, but there’s good news! Valerie, an expat in Saint-Louis shares her two-thumbs-up recommendation for Tefess Gui in Tivaouane, about halfway time-wise so makes a great pit stop for hungry travelers on this route.

Pizza is a good thin crust and they use real Mozzarella. Prices are good too. 

The burgers are a good Senegalese style hamburger with gigantic bun, spicy beef, fried… If you like this kind of burger, you’ll be very happy. But don’t order it expecting and American-style burger. 

I’ve heard charwmas are excellent too, but haven’t tested them myself.

The Pâtisserie next door is great too. Everything is huge though, so plan to share!

Tefess Gui de Tivaouane
Tel: 33 955 45 45


One comment

  1. I’m American and our COWS are healthy…I have witnessed starving COWS roaming the streets here eating out of garbage bags…yuck..I don’t eat Senegalese beef…even.the chicken here tastes gamey but Redstone in Almedies is delicious..The people are very friendly and the atmosphere is very clean and air conditioned. They also carry USDA BEEF.

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