Why my family orders from Yum-Yum (a lot!)

  1. We like their pizzas!
  2. Incredibly easy ordering online without having to re-enter all your info each time. 
  3. They use real mozzarella and plenty of it. 
  4. Their thick crust is actually thick and both chewy but light, and not greasy. 
  5. Delivery in under an hour or it’s free. Seriously. Who ever heard of such in Dakar? 
  6. They are actually open at 6pm when my kids want to eat. Everywhere else seems to open after 7:30pm. 
  7. The vegetarian pizza is loaded with real vegetables. Nothing weird like canned corn or kidney beans. (Don’t ask…)
  8. Donuts. They deliver donuts. 
  9. They have a fidelity program to earning free pizza with orders online. Again, super easy and straightforward.  
  10. If they get something wrong – they apologize and fix it right away. 




  1. Well, another interesting mail… I very rarely have a problem with online ordering. But I tried to order from yumyum several times and I never managed to find the button to click to get me out of AJOUTER and move on to the next step. I wrote to them in french, but they never responded. So while they might have excellent pizzas, their website is dysfunctional. I have no problems ordering from hellofood or amazon or… you get the picture.

  2. You’re lucky to enjoy such a good level of service. I ordered once on the online platform and my order was delivered two hours later (the advertised delivery time was 30 mns). They didn’t call me and when I called one hour after ordering to tell them I wouldn’t accept the order anyway, they just said OK… I did not expect such an unprofessional commercial attitude and was very disappointed.

  3. I was born in NYC pizza and great pizza is art Johns pizza in the est village in NY is the best. Yum Yum is comparable to domino’s in the USA. Im looking for the best Pizza in Dakar anyone has info?

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