Starbucks coffee in Dakar!

My phone is buzzing, y’all. Protea South African grocery store in Mamelles is now brewing and serving Starbucks coffee! And kind readers of Dakar Eats have sent me text messages, emails and photos to let me know. You guys are awesome. 

From Protea’s Facebook page:

Do you know what goes great with Starbucks? An Americano pastry from Melo Pâtisserie. And now you can get freshly baked Melo pastries, bagels, bretzels, cookies and breads at the American Food Store in Almadies! They have a legit shop right smack in the middle of all that USA goodness. 

I love Dakar. And coffee. And Americanos. 



    • Protea is near Nouvelles Frontieres on the main road of Mamelles. On the left, you won’t miss it. They also have a FB page with map.

  1. We moved in right next door to Protea, Alex the owner is awesome. We will be opening our American Electronics shop as soon as the container reaches port..thank you for all of the great food tips here in Dakar. You are awesome!!!

  2. We are in the same building and the beef, bacon and sausages are just as delicious from South Africa as if they were directly from the good ole US of A…i am wiping tears of great joy away..sniffle..sniffle…

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