5 things to know about Lou Bess? Farmers Market

This Saturday is the Lou Bess? Farmer’s Market. Here’s the scoop…

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.42.42 AM

1. This is the last market of the season, but they will start up again in October.

2. Never fear though! Many of the vendors deliver, some for a small fee and others free with orders of X amount. So Saturday is a good time to pick up business card or get phone numbers for your favorites that you’ll want to restock on over the summer.

3. Bring shopping bags, bring small bills, bring the kids, stay for lunch.

4. All the updated info can be found on the Lou Bess? Dakar Farmers Market Facebook page.

5. The vendor line-up for this edition of the market is awesome! My shopping list is already massive…

Adaa Ada
Afro & Nature
Annapurna Indian Restaurant
Association Keur Saint Benoit
Begue Coco
Boulangerie MILMAÏS
Chez Alpha Books
Coopérative Maam Samba
Cor Coumba
Diankh & Coco
ENDA (Coopérative Sell-Sellale/Marché ASD)
Food’iét Sandwicherie
Henné Hind
ImagiNation Afrika
La Teta
Le Club Dolima / La Laiterie du Berger
Le Maroc au Senegal
Le Sucre-rit
Les Delices de la Mer
Les Délices de Maguy
Le Delizie di Maite
Les Douceurs des Taties
Les Essentiels by Hélène
Les Savons SIRA
Little Sun
Liqueur de Warang
Made In Sénégal
Marie Diallo Laboratories
Marie’s Kitchen/Veronique’s Peanut butter
Marietou’s Oven/Evelyne’s Salsa
Melo Patisserie
Mr Lasagne
Passion et Gourmandise Madagascar
Patîssier Matthias
Precious Gift
Production de Fromages Formation en Technique de Fabrication
Raft Home Decor
Saveur Palace
Savonnerie Francisco
Senar / Les Delices Lysa
Sunu Tool (Genuine South African Boerewors)
Taaru Askan
The Beer-Sheba Project
Verte Casamance Cosmetique
Zena Exotic Fruits


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