La Galerie: Dakar’s latest and greatest?

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When a restaurant owner writes me to say that there’s a new place in town worth checking out, I take their opinion seriously. (Thanks Hassna!) When a second person, also a former restaurant owner, says their food is the closest to ‘gastronomique’ in town, I’m really all ears now. (Thanks Jérémie!)

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La Galerie has recently opened in Plateau and is topping my must-try-soon list. Here’s the review from Hassna:

“As I know that you’re always looking for the latest spots in Dakar , here’s a new restaurant tried this weekend. It is called La Galerie Restaurant and it’s two months old. It uses only fresh and local ingredients, a very short menu with tasty plates. ​I really enjoyed the flavours such as quail with passion fruit, turbo fish with a mango chutney, zebu beef with sweet potatoes, shellfish soup with caramelized pineapple, strawberry soufflé with hot chocolate and the white chocolate mousse with lime zests. The gourmet menu is at 23 500cfa and includes
appetizer / soup / main dish / dessert or cheese.”

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Although I’ve heard the decor is a bit lacking at La Galerie, the food is said to be excellent. And I love, love, love that they actually post their daily specials on their Facebook page! (As does Le Lodge des Almadies.) I like it when a restaurant aims to serve their clients and doesn’t make us hunt for information. Well done!


La Galerie
17 rue Jules Ferry
Tel: 338227087 or 777365109
Find them on Facebook.


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