5 things to know: Le Colorado

A new series on Dakar Eats! Five questions answered by some of Dakar’s best restaurants. For this edition, we’re hearing from Alessandra at Le Colorado in Point E, a restaurant my Italian friends say is THE place for Italian food in Dakar.


Describe your restaurant’s style in three words.
Warm, surprising, highly professional.

What are the most popular items on your menu?
Thiof fish prepared Colorado’s way, which is grilled with vinaigrette et accompanied by a sauce made with fresh vegetables.

What’s one really great thing on your menu that you think people haven’t yet discovered but should try?
Our Italian gnocchi with four cheeses.

What are you working on?
We focus on the authentic Italian cuisine, both traditional and modern, and also focus on the customer’s experience through our specialized and excellent service.

What is unique about your restaurant in Dakar?
A high level of service and high-quality Italian food. Our menus change quite often in order to offer to our customers a new experience.


Visit Le Colorado’s website or find them on Facebook.



  1. Thanks, my dear!! Always enjoying your blog and recommendations! (the other day we discovered “La Maree” thanks to you!.
    Where is this restarurant in Point E?, I think it would be good if you add always adresses or map. Best!!, Maite

    • Hi Maite

      Thanks for your feedback! If the restaurant or shop has a Facebook page or website, I include this info at the bottom of the posts. Often a street address is not very clear, so giving the link to a website or Facebook page gives the reader direct access to contacting the business. And many of the Facebook pages include the street address, a map, phone numbers and also hours of operation, etc…

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