5 things to know: Soow & Go frozen yogurt

A new series on Dakar Eats! Five questions answered by some of Dakar’s best restaurants. For this edition, we’re hearing from Raquel at Soow & Go, a frozen yogurt shop in Ouest Foire.


Describe your restaurant’s style in three words.
Casual, fresh, tasty.

What are the most popular items on your menu?
Frozen yogurt itself! Almost everyone that comes in is surprised by the large variety of toppings they can choose from. Our customers say it looks cool and colorful with all the toppings. We know that it tastes even better than it looks! And once they try it, they can only agree – they love it!

What’s one really great thing on your menu that you think people haven’t yet discovered but should try?
Adding local dried fruits, such cayu, peanuts and so on to their frozen yogurt. The mix is amazing.

Or our milkshakes, made with the fresh fruit of the customer’s choice mixed with frozen yogurt is tasty, refreshing and healthy!

What are you working on?
Very soon we will offer hand-made crepes and waffles (gauffres) to be complimented with all toppings you want and, of course, frozen yogurt!

What is unique about your restaurant in Dakar?
We have mixed the Western and Senegalese cultures to offer a quality, healthy and tasty treat!

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 9.11.56 PM

Find Soow & Go on Facebook here.


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