La Marée

Nearly every guidebook and travel website for Senegal recommends La Marée, a seafood gem tucked at the far point of Les Almadies. And they all say basically the same thing:

“Popular with locals and tourists alike. Simple, fresh seafood dishes at a good price. Amazing ocean view. Go at sunset and split a platter of coques with friends.”

Those guidebooks and websites are absolutely right. La Marée deserves every bit of its don’t-miss-this reputation. Seafood lovers and adventurous eaters will go bonkers over their menu, which is very reasonably priced, but there are also plenty of old favorites for those who just want the Senegal version of fish (or grilled chicken) and chips.

To find La Marée, go to the Pointe des Almadies and look for the blue crêperie. Just to its left is a paved walkway leading between grills and shops all the way to the ocean. When you get to the end of the walkway, look left. Boom.


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