American shop in Hann Maristes

Thanks for this information and photos, Trish!

Just wanted to pass on some information about a little American food shop in Hann Maristes!

I happened upon this one day when I visited a boutique near there. They don’t have a gazillion of each item, but they have a nice selection. Here’s some of what they have:

    Mac n Cheese
    Salad Dressings
    Reese PB Cups
    Cadbury Carmello
    Peanut and Plain M&Ms
    30 oz bags of Craisins (4,000cfa)
    Chlorox wipes
    Dole Pineapple in jars
    Cranberry Sauce
    Hershey’s chocolate bars with and without almonds
    Animal Crackers
    Grape Juice
    Kit Kats
    Lunch-size servings of Doritos and Sun Chips
    Instant Oatmeal packets
    Miracle Whip
    Coffee Mate
    Some spices
    Canned beans
    A few individual-sized breakfast cereals
    Sunmaid Raisins
    Canned corn

The items seemed reasonably priced for things that come from the US. Some more so than others.


Coming from the Japanese School, continue on the paved road towards EDK. When you get to the round-about / tires by the Pharmacie Abdourahmane, turn right down the little hill. It’s just a little ways down the road on the right. They have Seddo and Orange advertisements affixed to the building. And they have that little board sign on the ground in front of the store which says:
Store la Boutique Americaine
Poulet de Chair

The owner says that they’ll be getting some more things in January.


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