The Smoke Stack is back!

And it’s even bigger and better. Check out their new expanded list of offerings and prices below. Prices are per 500 grams.

Smoked Gouda – 7,500 cfa

Smoked Cheddar – 8,000 cfa

Smoked Parmesan – 8,000 cfa

Smoked Brisket – 8,000 cfa

Smoked Pork Ribs – 6,000 cfa

Whole Smoked Chickens – 7,000 cfa each

Like their Facebook page to find out about specialty items, and look for them at the November 7th Lou Bess? Farmers’ Market! Just follow your nose to the smoked ribs…

To order, call 77 913 0870 or send them a message on Facebook. (English, French, Wolof)


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