Ordering fresh dairy products from Club Kossam


I have a new obsession, but it’s a healthy one so it’s okay.

Club Kossam’s fresh dairy products are delicious. (And they deliver.) Forget the Dolima brand milk and lait caillé you may have tried in the grocery stores. Not sure whether it’s the actual product that’s different or the refrigeration (or lack thereof) in stores, but what I’m talking about is the good stuff. Real, fresh milk from herds up in Richard-Toll that you can buy as pasteurized milk for drinking or yogurt that is just… wow.


Club Kossam is currently offering:
– fresh pasteurized whole milk, 1500cfa per liter
– plain whole milk yogurt, 500cfa for 125g pot
– vanilla whole milk yogurt, 500cfa for 125g pot (amazing!)

Their dairy products are packaged in reusable glass containers which they pick up from you each week when they make the next delivery. (Love this!)

If you have a chance, when Edward delivers ask him a bit about their company and how they are developing a sustainable growth model with Pular herders in northern Senegal.



Oops. Time to order again!



  1. The yogurt is awesome thanks so much for sharing ! The telephone number listed is wrong Rama’s number is 78.014.4957

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