Sensmoke smoked swordfish is here!


Over the weekend, while we were all enjoying the local produce and specialties at the first edition of the Lou Bess? Farmers’ Market, another local delicacy was hitting the scene. Sensmoke is now offering smoked swordfish (espadon)! You can eat it their smoked fish and meats on sandwiches, in sauce, on salads or just on their own.


All of their fish and meat are locally sourced, with the fish coming from Kayar. The price is 10,000cfa per kilo for fish or meat, and it is packaged in 100-200 gram quantities. In November, Sensmoke will be adding mackerel to the menu.


With the holidays coming up, it’s best to pre-order by emailing (English or French). Delivery available to ISD or Casino Dakar City parking lot, or via Sen Express to any location in Dakar.


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  1. On the subject of smoked meats (sort of), we have started making our own beef jerky and love it! I looked all over in Canada to buy liquid smoke and then–lo and behold!–it is in the American Store CHEAPER than in Canada…

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