‘My Way’ is the best!


I’ve been hearing it from every direction: the new My Way restaurant in Almadies is so good / delicious / amazing. As one who loves Lebanese food, although admittedly I have no idea how to order it, I couldn’t wait to test it out.

Unfortunately there’s no menu online and they didn’t have any printed that I could swing by and pick up to use place a take-out order. So I sent a message to an Instagram buddy (Hi!) who is a fan of My Way and he was able to suggest what we should order, which was interestingly a selection of appetizers. And his suggestions were right on the CFA! So good. Unbelievably good.


This was more food than we could eat for dinner between the two of us, but just the right amount to enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day.

We ordered kebe with ground beef and onions, falafel, the trio of hummus (traditional, basil and spicy) that was just out of this world, baba ghanouj that I’ll dream about for months and tabouleh with loads of green and flavor. And it came with loads of pita bread, aka ‘Lebanese silverware’.


Nutshell: one of my new top favorites in Dakar, no question. (But please do post the menu so we can discover more!)

Find them on Facebook here.
Tel: 33 868 77 77




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