2015 Dakar Eats cheat sheet for new arrivals


I order chicken legs, wings and breasts from Poulet Express. I order regularly and am continually impressed by the speed of the delivery (usually under an hour, especially if I name-drop Dakar Eats. Try it!) and the freshness and cleanliness of the chicken – plus their prices are better than supermarkets. The owner speaks English, so you can call and say, “English, please!”

I’ve also started ordering whole chickens from a very nice man in Ouakam who raises about 15-25 birds at a time and will get them big and fat (3.5 kilos nekkid) for me before butchering. Although he sometimes has them on the fly (haha), I usually order in advance and have recently just set a standing order for four chickens a month, which he delivers for a flat 1500cfa. It’s the best deal I’ve found for large, fresh chickens. 77 553 2835 or 70 778 4479. If you want to order in English, ask for Marietou.


I used to buy at Hypermarché. Never bought ‘bad’ meat there, but the smell has gotten so ick that I no longer buy there. Casino is more expensive, but until I find a new option, it’s worth it.

Tip: The best beef in Senegal comes from BeerSheba Project. They deliver ground beef to Dakar weekly. We get 95% of our beef from them.


I’ve heard that there’s a market in Grand Yoff that butchers pigs every Saturday and you can get any cut you want at a good price. I haven’t ventured there yet, so for now I stick with the occasional Casino pork chop and regularly buy ground pork (chair a saucisse) for making sausages from there. Oh, and CDA has little hams we really like and decent bacon (poitrine fumée) so I buy those and freeze them.


I order filets de lotte and shrimp from Abdou, who delivers all over Dakar. Good prices, always fresh and very punctual.

Pantry items

For canned and baking goods, Hypermarché has a wider selection, but more often, I go to City Dia because they carry 80% of what I want…and without that funky smell. Casino is most expensive, but decent selection.

Be sure to check out your local buutik too!

Fruit & Veggies

Mr and Mme Ba come by each week selling from their car. They have all I need at good prices (and they sell all around Dakar). Or go to your nearest stand and get to know the vendors there.

There is also the ASD organic market twice a week and the new Lou Bess farmers market will launch soon.

Frozen fruit is at larger grocery stores, CDA (cheapest strawberries), Patisen, Saprolait (blueberries!) and Passion Nature delivers frozen mango and organic strawberries.

Tip: If you’re new and want to know what’s available and in season in Senegal, go to marché Kermel.


I buy mozzarella in 2-kilos blocks at about half the price of the grocery stores from CDA. (But I don’t care for their grated mozzarella or their Gouda.) For lower-priced Gouda in bulk, Saprolait is the place to go. We buy Laitcran brand powdered whole and skim milk and prefer Ardo brand lait caillé (non-sucré). I use it to make ‘Greek yogurt’ and sour cream.

Bakery goods 

You probably already know about Eric Kayser bakery and that they also sell from Le Parcours. But beyond EK, Dakar has some amazing breads!

Whole wheat sandwich bread, sliced: Shady Shack. It’s delicious and exactly what I want in a sandwich loaf. They also have white bread, if you prefer.

Everyday baguette: Ask for tapalapa at your local buutik. Freezes well, makes good sandwiches and great garlic bread.

Baked-to-order whole wheat tortillas, English muffins, pizza crusts, bagels, banana and apple breads… Marie’s Kitchen delivers. And I am so, so glad!

(See more here: 2014 Dakar Bread Reviews!)

Organic goodness 

Organic fruits & veggies, eggs, poultry, jams, amazing dairy products… all by delivery from Passion Nature / Keur Normand. Seriously. You need to try it. Customer service was lacking for a while, but usually their products made up it.

Or to browse and shop for yourself, there’s the ASD organic market twice a week and La Maison Verte ($$) downtown.

In grocery stores, look for products marked ‘bio’.

Gluten-free options, restaurant reviews, a comprehensive list of what to find where… All on Dakar Eats! Happy browsing and eating!



  1. I’m in Hann Maristes and I buy all my ground beef from Boucherie Djolof. If you order in the morning, they deliver that day. It comes fresh in 1/2 kilo packages. Nice, clean and lean. 3,500/kilo. 77-538-1722. They have other cuts but I haven’t ordered them.

  2. Dear Kari, have ever tried Le Gac. The quality of the beef and pork there is excellent. Their prices are not that higher than Casino.

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