Dakar Eats update

Woohoo, summer! For some this means leaving Dakar for good, others just for a break and then there are those of you who will be newly arriving and settling in our city. Welcome. We eat well in this town. 🙂

Dakar Eats staff, nibblers, bloggers, tasters and reviewers will be taking the summer off but we will be back online with regular posts starting in September.

A few things to note before we sign off…

– Babelle International’s new location on the Corniche, just across from the MosquĂ©e de la DivinitĂ©, opens this Sunday at 11am. The shelves are stocked with loads of items from the US and definitely looks worth checking out.

– If anything happens over the summer that we really want you to know about, it will be posted on our Facebook page.

Marie’s Kitchen will be baking and delivering amazing homemade breads, muffins, tortillas, pizza crusts, bagels, etc… all summer.

Dakar Eats Instagram will launch in September!

Prim’s Wings continue to sell out and gather a larger following each week. If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, give them a try you probably will be soon.

For new arrivals to Dakar, these posts may interest you:

The 2015 list: where to find what in Dakar

Dakar Eats Cheat Sheet

The 2014 Dakar Bread Reviews

A bientĂ´t, y’all!


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