NEW Yogurtlandia in Mermoz


This afternoon I asked my three-year-old what he wanted to do. He said either get ice cream or go visit the pyramids of Egypt.

We opted for ice cream.

Actually, to be precise, we decided to try the new frozen yogurt place in Mermoz. Yogurtlandia just opened this week and is quickly gathering fans.


I am really not a fro-yo fan normally. Too chemically and not as good as ice cream. But I loved Yogurtlandia, which it turns out is an Italian company with franchises all over Europe.

Let’s get back to the fro-yo. It’s made daily from fresh milk yogurt, made right here in Senegal and with acidophilus (that’s the good stuff!). No preservatives, no colorings. I’ve never had frozen yogurt like this and I am a big fan.



They have two flavors daily: ‘nature’ (which is plain, not vanilla) and then one specialty flavor that changes every two days. Today it was strawberry. Yum.

The small cup is 1500cfa, medium 2000cfa and large 2500cfa. You can get either single or double flavors, plus an unlimited choice of toppings – and there are LOTS. Fruit coulis, cut fresh fruit, hot sauces, sprinkles, chocolates, candies… You name it, they probably have it.


The owner speaks English and the shop is very easy to find. It’s in Mermoz, just off route de Ouakam near La Piazzola.




  1. You guys have all the great places! I’ve never heard of them but maybe they have a place here in Paris! I love frozen yogurt!

  2. I have gone to yogurtlandia, and I have to say I think it is the best place to get frozen yogurt in Dakar. The toppings are free, so you can have as much as you want, and the frozen yogurt is made naturally and tastes very good.

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