3 tips: oysters, honey and dairy

A Dakar Eats reader sent the following tips and information to share:

– If you like oysters, Norbert grows some in La Somone and they are fantastic. He delivers once a week to Dakar and you can order by calling him at 77 777 0540. (You can also find oysters at Dakar City Casino for 5700cfa/dozen.)

– Do you know “Miel de Casamance”, the honey from southern Senegal? Lamine Mane brings high quality honey to Dakar. His prices are very good and he will deliver for orders of 3 liters or more. To order, call him at 77 208 9935.

Club Dolima delivers great full cream milk and yoghurts (plain or vanilla). The company is Fairtrade, and the taste is fantastic. You can order by completing a form on their website and they deliver to each area of Dakar on specific days of the week.

Thank you so much, Alice! Does anyone else have tips to share? Contact us!



  1. Les yaourts – nature et à la vanille de Club Dolima – sont divinement savoureux. Le lait rappelle quand on allait le chercher à la ferme, crémeux et parfumé.

    • Club Dolima Yogurts – natural and vanilla – are divinely tasty. The milk is directly from the farm – creamy and fragrant.

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