Marché ASD in Dakar

One great market initiative for local and organic products, two great shopping options! Dakar’d Marché ASD Dakar is an initiative of the Sell-Sellal cooperative which is made up of smaller producers using sustainable agriculture in partnership with Enda Pronat.

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Option 1: Shop for yourself.

Visit one of these weekly locations and load up your basket with the best and the freshest.
– Tuesdays 9am-4pm in Plateau across from Café Layu.
– Wednesdays 9am-4pm in Almadies across from Café Layu/CityDia.
– Fridays 9am-4pm in Point E at Clos Normand.
Tip: Tuesdays thru Sundays in Parc de Hann you can buy remaining produce at discounted produce.

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Option 2: Let ASD shop for you.
Place your order online, choosing from three basket sizes (tutti = small at 3000cfa, xaatie = medium at 5000cfa, bari = large at 10 000cfa) then just swing by and pick it up. In addition to the basket, you can also order additional seasonal produce by the kilo or jams, teas, grains and other products by their partners.

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Bonus option: Order your basket of produce online, then have Sen Express pick it up and deliver it to you!

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The Sell-Sellal cooperative also invites you to shop eat local and natural by patronizing the following vendors at the ASD market. Please note that you can call in advance to place your order if you would like.

° Italian-style cow’s cheese, Mr. Badji (77 504 82 65)
° Phyllo dough and other treats, Louise (76 591 03 09)
° Mango vinegar from GIE WAARE and local grains from GIE UCT, Mme Yama Ndiaye (77 300 78 65)
° Coconut-based specialities by Bégué Coco, Emma (77 403 1598)

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