Marché Kermel produce delivered to you

This very helpful information comes from a Dakar Eats reader. Thanks, Scott!

Barry at Marché Kermel will deliver fresh produce to your door, and can even pick up other items you may need from that market. (For example, Mme Gilbert’s poultry.) He provides fruits and vegetables to some of Dakar’s top restaurants so knows how to choose the best quality for your family.

You can call or send your produce order to Barry by text message, if you prefer. His prices are the same as if you were to shop Kermel yourself, plus a very reasonable 2000cfa delivery fee.

Barry at Kermel
Tel: 77 435 48 66


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  1. […] What does Dakar do well, what are its food strengths? We have some pretty amazing Italian, French, Lebanese and African places, and also good brick-oven pizzas. Fresh seafood is great, like at La Marée, especially when you can have it delivered to your door. Ooh, and I love Marché Kermel. […]

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