Beer-Sheba farm products weekly delivery

The. Best. Beef. In. Senegal. Trust me, I know the competition isn’t exactly stiff. But Beer-Sheba really does have amazing beef. This week they are offering ground beef, ground pork and kilichi (more on this below).

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 8.33.03 PM

Beer-Sheba continues a weekly delivery service to Dakar every Thursday.

Our regularly offered products:

– high quality ground beef (4000 CFA/kg, frozen, 1kg packages)
– boneless stew beef (4000 CFA/kg, frozen, 1kg packages)
– beef tenderloin “filet” (8000 CFA/kg, 1 tenderloin per package, individually weighed and priced, average weight is 700g)
– ground pork (5000 CFA/kg, frozen, 1kg packages)
– Kilichi, thin strips of crispy beef that is seasoned, smoked and dried Hausa style (2500 CFA/100g, 100g packages)
Also free-range organic chickens delivered to Dakar customers starting soon!

To order, contact Shane at 77 264 7523 (English or French) and he will arrange the central delivery location(s). With a minimum 30kg order (ie. spread the news, get your friends involved), they will deliver directly to your home, office or organization.

The Beer-Sheba Project is an organic farm and a school of discipleship and agriculture. Visit us at Sandiara, 18 km east of Mbour.


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