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Ironically, some of my favorite dining experiences in Dakar are the hardest to write posts about simply because I was so into the meal that I forgot to take pictures or ask for a menu to upload.

This has happened twice recently, but hopefully I’ve learned my lesson. For now though, two big photo-less thumbs up for these two restaurants:

Le Cozy in Plateau (next to marché Kermel and Classic Burger): Delicious three-course lunch menu for 7500cfa. I mean really delicious. And go for the unconventional French toast dessert (1000cfa extra). It’s been stuck in my head ever since.

Their dinner menu looked great too and my friends recommend ordering the chef’s special at around 15,000cfa. I have smart friends with good taste so will do that myself!

Le Jardin (at the very tip of La Pointe des Almadies in the same entrance as restaurants La Mezze and La Pointe): “Oh. Wow. That. Steak.” And that’s not something you say often in Dakar!

We arrived at about 8:15pm and at first were told they were booked solid for a soirée that night, but then a very friendly Philippe (owner, I think) asked us to wait just a minute to see if they could work us in, which they did. And an hour later we understood that when they said booked solid, they meant it! Even so, the service was good and tables were taken care of and guests seemed to all be having a great time eating and dancing.

The fixed menu for the night was 15,000cfa and you could choose from a fish or steak main course. All four of us chose the steak. All four were thoroughly impressed. (Thank you, Philippe!)

Sidenote: Le Jardin is a semi-enclosed outdoor restaurant that we’ve enjoyed for date-nights in the past and has never disappointed us. Definitely add it to your must-try list if you’ve not yet been. And get a steak.


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