15 Resolutions for 2015

Convince the American Food Store to carry Fritos Scoops. Check!

Finally have tapas on the rooftop of the Djoloff Hotel.

Ask Véronique to start offering cashew butter too.

Try La Cabane du Pêcheur once new management is in place and cross my fingers it’s still as good. (Best of luck Jérémy and Cecile!)

Use my Spiralizer I got for Christmas and master some delicious, healthy recipes using zucchini, butternut and other goodies.

Have Hellofood deliver lattes and bagels from Presse Café one Saturday morning.

Try one new-to-me local food each month. Y’all hold me to this!

Go to Le Cozy and order the chef’s suggestion. All the courses.

After (mumble-mumble) years living in Senegal, finally try an authentic grilled dibiterie Haoussa meal. I know, it’s shameful. Any recommendations?

Get my herb garden going again. ‘Tis the season!

Talk to Abdou about a ‘seafood of the month’ delivery to help us get out of the lotte fillet rut.

Have ice cream delivered from Mami Mia’s more often. Just because we can.

Wait patiently for Sam’s Bread to reopen. Fingers mindlessly tap, tap, tapping…

Learn more about traditional Senegalese remedies for illnesses. Like drinking ngeex tea with cloves and Guinea pepper for colds.

Learn to can tomatoes while they are in season. Such great flavor!

What are your resolutions?



  1. There’s a good dibiterie Haoussa in Sandaga market. Went there first with Sharon Nossiter (thanks Sharon) and back a couple of times since!

  2. senegalese remedies : baobab (“bouye” in wolof) plus “biskit” (ask your bitik-man) for diarrheas, palm oil for abscess, kinkeliba for hypertension, shea butter for all! (in the nose for cold, on the skin, on the hair, on the feet, for massage), oil on babies’ neck when it’s red, bissap when you’re tired…

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