Le Zaouli

image001 I know. Dakar Eats is supposed to be about American food in our lovely city. But I’m making an exception because it seems many in our expat community have ties to Cote d’Ivoire for one reason or another (self included). So when I started hearing buzz about a good, legit Ivoirien restaurant… I had to share it.

Thanks for the photos and info, Stan and Elisabeth!

Ivorian specialties, Senegalese and European cuisine. Open 7/7 from 11 am to 1 am.



Note that if you want foutou (and who doesn’t?), it will take a half hour longer to get your food. However, you can call in your order in advance and time your arrival if you don’t want to wait.




Le Zaouli
90, Rue Mousse Diop, Dakar Plateau (across from Chez Loutcha)
Tel:33 823 28 03 or 77 149 11 49



  1. Dear Kari, I have to le Zaouli twice and absolutely enjoyed the poisson braise and Attieke/Aloko – just delicious and the owner is hospitable.

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