Order your Christmas turkey now!

From a Dakar Eats reader:

Now taking orders for Christmas Turkeys!

If you are interested in ordering a whole turkey, please let us know as we have just over two weeks left to prepare the birds.

A pastor in Thies is raising turkeys to sell to the expat community. The price is 4,000F per kilo and the turkeys range between 5 and 7 kilos. Each turkey will be plucked, cleaned, bagged and delivered to Dakar Academy at 3:00pm after school dismissal on Friday, December 19th.

If you could let us know before December 15th, that will give us time to prepare for all of the orders. Simply indicate the size of turkey and number of turkeys and we will confirm each order as they come in.

To order, please call or text Moussa 77 556 6363.


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