All-you-can-eat-pancakes at M&M Bistrot!

Cover all u can eat pancakes

All-you-can-eat-pancake breakfast begins at 10am on Saturday and Sunday, this weekend only at M&M Bistrot!

Buttermilk 2 500 f (my favorite!)
Raisin 3 000 f
Strawberry 3 000 f
Caramel Banana 3 000 f
Chocolate Chips 3 000 f
Caramel Almond 3 300 f
Build your own 3 500 f

(To-go orders are not part of this promotion.)

Profil 2

M&M Bistrot
Route de Ngor, across from restaurant Katia
Opens at 10am.
Tel: 33 820 15 08


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