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I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know much about Indian food. But I’ve had it enough to know that, in general, I like it. Today I found out that I actually love it.

Annapurna Indian opened this week on route de Ngor, just across from the stade de Ngor. (Look for a big green and white sign.) I’d heard a couple good reviews so when the opportunity presented itself to try it for lunch, I jumped on it.

There were five us and we decided to order all over the menu and share. Brilliant decision on our part. One of our group is very well-versed in Indian cuisine so helped us navigate and choose. Vegetable samosas with green sauce, grilled chicken tikka skewers, butter chicken, mutton masala, dal makhani, bondi raita yogurt sauce, roti bread, two orders of garlic nan, two orders of cumin rice and mango some drinks. Our total bill (with a couple bottles of water) was under 45,000 cfa.

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We ate… and we ate… and we ate well. I would order any and all of it again – no question. But if I had to choose my favorites, I’d go with the vegetable samosas, butter chicken, dal makhani, cumin rice, garlic nan and raita. And if you’re nice, I might share some with you. 🙂

The restaurant itself is pretty spacious, simply decorated and was very comfortable temperature-wise, even on this steamy hot day. If they get super busy, the service might get slow, but it was fine for us today.

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Delivery is not (yet) available, but that’s okay. We have Sen Express. 🙂

PS. Vegetarians, rejoice!

Annapurna Indian
route de Ngor, across from the stadium
Tel: 77 394 15 90

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  1. Ate there tonight.. not bad.. not bad at all… and they even provided me with mixed pickle and mango lassi.. both of which were not on the menu.

  2. I just found this page today while searching for Indian restaurants in Dakar and I must say, this is my favorite website at the moment 🙂 Just moved back to Dakar and as a food lover I’m definitely going to need this guide. Thank you Dakar eats 🙂

  3. I read this post and decided to give Annapurna a try during a recent stay in Dakar. It was simple to order – I called the restaurant, they took my order, they called SenExpress, I paid upon delivery and voila! I had it delivered to my hotel and it was a nice break from fish night after night (which was delicious in its own right, but I like variety…). I got chicken tikka and dal makhani. The chicken was very good…the dahl was messy in delivery container (to be expected) but good. The naan was soggy (again might not transport so well…) but tasty. Thanks Dakar Eats, for this great tip.

  4. Found the restaurant pretty mediocre. The chicken tikka masala was good but the mutton korma was very bad. The garlic nan worse than average too.

  5. I had a family dinner there a few days ago and I have got to say that I didn’t find the food in this restaurant very tasty. It was actually pretty bad. Even the kids couldn’t finish their plates although they love Indian food. We’ve been in Indian restaurants in many countries and it’s the first time we were disappointed.
    We returned the samosas almost untouched. None of us wanted to risk leaving a tooth in those concrete blocks they sell as samosas. The curry was tasteless, the nans way too dry and my daughter couldn’t eat the korma (her favourite Indian sauce) which was really not good.

    There’s definitely room for improvement and I told it to the chef.

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