A long-overdue review: Le Lodge

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There’s a reason I haven’t gotten around the reviewing Le Lodge until now. I assumed everyone knew it and loved it, just like we do. But after having lunch there last week with a group of friends, I found out that not as many people know it as I’d thought. But everyone should! We’ve found it to be consistently great food at a reasonable price in a lovely atmosphere. It’s our go-to spot for lunch dates and small groups, and is especially nice in hot season.

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The ambiance is very nice with a beautiful pool out back and the service is very professional, but it’s not a stuffy, formal feel. The owner joked that she was going to put up a sign that said “Bermuda shorts and flip-flops welcome!”

By the way, the new owner is lovely and she’s updated some things, but kept the really good essentials (that is to say, my favorite menu items!). One of the things she’s implemented is a daily lunch special at around 5000 cfa – such a great deal! She’s also kept the 9500 cfa “menu” which include your choice of starter, entrée and dessert.

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All the starters I’ve ordered and nibbled off friends’ plates have been very good. I can’t tell you much about the entrée or dessert choices though because I love my “usual” so much that I can’t bring myself not to order it – and I try to persuade everyone else at the table to order it too. The lamb shoulder roast is simmered in veal stock and is so, so tender and rich. It’s served with delicious mashed potatoes and is always more than I can finish. But I have to save room for dessert, the Lodge’s delight, which is the most incredible vanilla idea cream with pears and caramel sauce… wow. My crème-brulée-loving friends seemed pretty enthralled with their choice too, I must say.

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Le Lodge is revising their menu in English to better serve their anglophone patrons. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available. For now, here’s their menu in French.

Le Lodge – Menu in French

Le Lodge
Route du King Fahd, Almadies
Tel: 33 869 03 45



  1. Delicious, Delicious, Delicious one thing about M&M quality is definitely there and costumers
    services is great too …
    good job M&M we will be back …
    thanks for the consideration …

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